Finn’s Russian Fudge Pouch

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Finn’s russian Chocolate coated FUDGE pouch(110g)

Need more than just a bar? You can purchase by the pouch! Finn’s creamy and delectable Russian Chocolate Coated Fudge in a pouch comes with 10 individually wrapped pieces. Russian fudge is so popular here in New Zealand. Add to that a chocolate coating on each piece and you’ve got yourself a seller! Handmade fudge with natural ingredients and also gluten free. Each pouch is 110g and made in New Zealand.

We also sell these by the carton (12 pouches per carton).

These larger pouches work well in gift baskets and as a ‘Thank you’ for a job well done. They are a quick and easy holiday present for Mother’s and Father’s day, or a Christmas stocking stuffer. Feeling festive? Share out to your customers, friends and family for a crowd-pleasing treat!

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Ingredients: Fudge (79%) [sugar, glucose, condensed milk (milk, sugar), vegetable fat (hydrogenated coconut oil), fondant (sugar, water, glucose), water, butter, natural flavour, salt], Chocolate (21%)[sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier (322-soy, 476), vanillin]

Preservative Free

Allergens: Dairy, Soy

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