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  • Whistler Chocolate Almonds (85g)

    Almonds are incredibly healthy and so is chocolate (surely cocoa counts as a fruit? 5 plus a day?) so combine that with the stylish packaging and it’s no surprise this is one of our most popular products with hotels and gift companies.
    The challenge with these is to open the box and not eat the lot in one go..

    $2.45 per unit

    $122.00 per carton (50 pkts)

    All prices excluding GST.

  • Whistler Milk Chocolate (50g)

    And as for chocolate? Well, the ancient civilisations of South America knew a thing or two as they incorprated cocoa products throughout their diet and even used beans as currency! Of course we should consume this deliciousness in moderation (as with all foods) but if you haven’t been good enough today to deserve a little chocolate then you must have been very, very bad indeed.

    $2.35 per unit

    $141.00 per carton (60 units)

    All prices excluding GST.