Hotels & Motels

Hotel & Motel Guests

Some of our largest customers come from the hotel and motel industry. They all offer some kind of beverage and snack to their guests, why not treat them to locally produced food and drink?

We’ve found that business owners who invest in quality snack foods and beverages have happier customers. By offering your arriving guests a free bag of nuts or piece of chocolate in person creates an immediate good first impression. This is something they will remember and it’s a small personal gesture such as this that can go a long way.

We all know the impact of reviews online. They can make or break you! By creating a great first impression for your newly arrived guests, this could help facilitate a positive review for your business from the beginning.

SOME ideas on where you can offer or sell snacks:

    • Vending machine
    • Gift shop
    • Snack box
    • Counter top
    • Mini-bar / refrigerator
    • Upon greeting or departure
    • As an apology for an inconvenience or delay
    • Add-on to a lunch or picnic
    • Bars and waiting areas


For properties that offer a paid mini-bar of snacks and drinks, our offerings are irresistible! It’s hard to turn down a bag of nuts if they’ve bought a bottle of wine or beer. Adding a decadent bar of chocolate is a sweet treat after they’ve been out to dinner and were too full to order dessert. Or maybe the kids are with them and want something sweet to take during their day out.

Your guests may be moving to another property after yours. Why not have some bags of nuts to give to them during checkout? This sends them off with a good taste in their mouth (no pun intended!) as well as a “lasting” impression.

The investment in such a simple gesture can really make a difference. With so many choices of properties to stay, why not make yours memorable in as many ways as possible? Good reviews can increase your business and people simply love tasty surprises. They may even mention it in their review and it’s quite possible that others see that personal touch as an attraction.

Please let us know if we can help you with any of our products or if you need any further ideas for your business!