Gift basket companies & florists

If you are a creative Gift Basket company or Florist who offers food along with your flowers, Whistler Foods can provide convenient and interesting products to fill the gap. We have a nice (and growing) selection of healthy or sweet snacks which can easily be added to baskets and floral deliveries.

And there are options too! For the health-conscious, consider adding a bag of Cashew or Pistachio nuts or mildly spiced Bhuja mix. For the more indulgent, a box of Chocolate Almonds or handmade Dark Chocolate.

SOME ideas on where you can offer snacks:

  • Perfect for Christmas gift baskets or hampers when people tend to indulge in food and sweets
  • Florists who offer add-on’s to their flower delivery service
  • Wine and Liquor outlets who have snacks for sale or gift packages on offer
  • Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day gift baskets – always a popular time for chocolate!

Whistler snack foods wholesale nuts chocolate savoury biscuits cookies fudge

Whistler Foods can provide you with carton sized pricing so you have plenty on hand, or for samples and smaller quantities you can purchase individual packages, there’s no minimum order!

We are continuously adding to our range, please let us know if we can source other products for you that would help grow your business!