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We prefer to use a best before date on Whistler products as this provides an accurate measure of freshness. Products that have reached a best before date are most likely fine for consumption although their quality will deteriorate after this time. A longer shelf life is dependent on storage conditions, where possible keep nuts in a cool, dark place to prolong their freshness.

For a high quality product we require nuts free from pests and disease which can be difficult with an organically grown product. Therefore Whistler nuts are not organically grown.

Whistler roasted and salted nuts are purchased in raw form from outside of NZ, processed in Auckland before being dispatched to our warehouse in Hawkes Bay.


If you have not logged into the website, you will only see retail pricing. You would need to apply as a wholesale customer in order to receive special pricing on our products. Once you gain access, you’ll always need to log in first to be sure you are getting your adjusted prices.

Providing we have not packed and sent your order you will need to contact us directly to change or cancel your order.

Please reach out to us if you would like to become a Wholesale customer or fill out our online application and we’ll get you set up with the correct permissions to view the site. The prices you see without being logged in are for retail customers. Once you are given a wholesale login, you’ll see specialised pricing.

Absolutely! We love our local clubs such as bowls, tennis, rugby, RSA and 8 ball to name a few. It’s a given that people want something to snack on while socialising or after a bit of exercise. Why not have some easy to handle single serving snack packs on hand? 

We serve both wholesale and retail customers. If you are a wholesale customer, please contact us or fill out our wholesale online application so we can give you access to view wholesale pricing. You will need to log into the website with your credentials in order to get the correct prices.

If you are a retail individual, feel free to purchase from us!


We aim to dispatch and deliver your order within 3 to 5 working days. Please allow extra time in peak seasonal periods or if you live in rural NZ.

Please note we will require payment on retail orders prior to dispatch.


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