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Corporate Holiday Gift Giving

Corporate & Client Holiday gift giving

When the time comes for gift giving around Christmas, companies scramble to find something unique and different from the year before to give to their staff or clients. It can be overwhelming trying to find a bulk deal or something a single company can handle instead of rushing around to different shops in order to gather all of the gifts they need.

It’s a nice gesture of appreciation for those you work with to share a little holiday cheer every Christmas. Gift cards and bonuses are always appreciated, but what if your company can’t quite afford those this year? 

Whistler Foods has created some fabulous and affordable gourmet snack gift boxes that are perfect for any company wishing to give something that’s made in New Zealand.  A wonderful variety of delicious treats comes in two sizes, already boxed up in a high quality black cardboard box and eco-friendly packing material inside. 

Whistler Foods Christmas Food Gift Hamper
“The Muster” Snack Gift Hamper
Whistler Food Corporate Gift Food Hamper
“The Grazer” Snack Gift Box

We’ll be updating the contents of our boxes for 2021 soon, but here’s an idea of what they will include:

Our most popular deluxe box called “The Muster,” includes eight of our most popular items ranging from sweet to savoury. It includes:

  • Whistler Pistachios
  • Whistler Cashews
  • Whistler Chocolate Covered Almonds
  • Finn’s Assorted Fudge Box
  • Molly Woppy Crunchy n’ Cheesy savoury crackers
  • Molly Woppy Afghan Cookie
  • Molly Woppy Dark Choc Chunk & Macadamia Cookie
  • Solomon’s Gold Artisan Dark Chocolate Bar

It’s a perfect combination of snacks that will last for days. It makes a great gift for executives, service providers, upper management, business partners or anyone you want to give a big thanks to.

Corporate gifts NZ food hamper
Large gourmet snack gift box

Our smaller gift box, called “The Grazer,” includes six items and has some of our favourites including:

  • Whistler Pistachios
  • Whistler Cashews
  • Whistler Chocolate Covered Almonds
  • Bay Espresso Coffee (2 cup serving)
  • (2) Finn’s Fine Chocolate Fudge bars  

This is another gift option for employees when you’re searching for something affordable to purchase in bulk. These snacks are a great pick-me-up they can keep in their desk or take home to share with their family. The box it comes in is also reusable and sturdy which makes for a nice storage option when the snacking is over!

We box them up and ship them to you, all you need to do is put a bow on it and add a card, should you wish! We guarantee freshness on all of our products and we’ve been keeping customers happy since 1995. 

Our larger box is able to hold a bottle of wine or a couple bottles of beer or cider, should you wish to add a little more to it. You can easily re-arrange the packing material so that the snacks sit over top of the bottle, while still being able to close the lid.

Our smaller box can hold a single bottle of wine or a bottle of beer, cider, kombucha or any other type of beverage as well. 

Just drop us a line to discuss your options. We want to help make your Christmas gift giving easy and affordable, as well as enjoyable for your recipients!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday and your gift giving is enjoyed by all!